Raphaël SALLES starts windsurfing.


Raphaël SALLES joins the windsurfing pro-tour.

Raphaël stops the competition following a career of 15 years and starts a business in the design and distribution of windsurf boards.

This is the birth of F-ONE.


Raphaël stops the competition following a career of 15 years and starts a business in the design and distribution of windsurf boards.

This is the birth of F-ONE.

Being rider, developer and manager all at once, Raphaël SALLES draws on his extensive expertise to develop his products. 


Raphaël SALLES tries a traction kite on the water for the first time! 

1997 / 1998

A new era is about to begin for F-ONE as the first production boards arrive at the end of 97. 


F-ONE develops a complete range of equipment  for kitesurfing and rapidly becomes a market leader for boards.

F-ONE’s activity has already spread internationally and its products are distributed all over the world. 


F-ONE’s activity keeps on growing impressively with the first production of the ram air kite ATK.


F-ONE releases the STARTER, a new ram air kite with shut-off valves in surfaces of 5m², 7m² and 9m².

F-ONE remains leader on the board market with directional boads and twin-tips. 

F-ONE now proposes a complete range of high-tech boards with new twin-tips spreading from 142 to 174cm.

Theses are made in France using Herex core and a full carbon laminate with sublimated graphics on a topsheet finish layer. 


F-ONE creates a full range of inflatable kites: the MACH1 and the MAGIC.

This is a successful start for a first venture into the world of inflatable kites.

On the board front, the TT is a must!


F-ONE develops its range of kites with the MACH2, the MAGIC 2, the DREAM, the L2K and the SOURCE.

The reputation it draws for quality, performances and range of use of the kites bring F-ONE into the rising brands.

Regarding the boards, F-ONE innovates with the Direct Drive Technology which combines a full carbon construction with wood core.

The SK8 becomes a true reference for the riders. Its scoop and outline make it the perfect weapon in lighter winds. 


M3, HW2, 4U, SK8, STYLE, EXPLORER, FIFTY ONE: the range keeps growing to answer the needs of all riders from beginners to pros.

Following the mighty success of the SK8, the STYLE is launched with the same direct drive technology (wood/carbon).

F-ONE introduces a new carbon kitebar with an exclusive safety system enabling to release with a simple pressure on the bar.  


F-ONE emphasize on safety and develop the ACTIVE 5 to fit on all its kites!

This 5th line enables to kill all the power from the kite, to relaunch easily and to regulate the power the power of the kite when riding.

With the M5, F-ONE brings in a new design in kites with the introduction of rounded tips. 


2006 was the year of the TRIBAL. 

This is the first kite on the market combining complete depower and C-shape design.

Achieving both safety and performances this kite excels in all disciplines and becomes the best seller of the collection.

The IMPACT kite and DEMON board become Newschool references.

The LEGEND, a surf twin-tip designed by Raphaël SALLES in Mauritius  comes to complete the range. 


With the TRIBAL 2, F-ONE confirms its C-Shape design option as opposed to flatter kites.

The TRIBAL 2 is a great kite with a massive depower.

The concept of the IMPACT is pushed to the max with the « impact short line » for unhooked riding.

The TRAX 2 is the best seller of the collection. 

The introduction of the BANDIT with its revolutionary Delta C-Shape design marks a giant leap in the history of F-ONE!


The introduction of the BANDIT with its revolutionary Delta C-Shape design marks a giant leap in the history of F-ONE!

Its concept offers great performances with an optimum relaunch. Riding becomes a child’s play for any kind of riders.

The Trax 3 has been fully designed for a wooden core construction and our advances in R&D have enabled us to design a new 3D bottom shape with a simple concave.


Drawing on the success of the BANDIT, the BANDIT DOS follows the same Delta C-Shape concept.

Designed as a one kite do it all like the BANDIT, the DOS is perfect for all disciplines: from freestyle to freeride and from wave to speed riding with the impressive record of 50.57 kts set by Alex CAIZERGUES. 

The F-ONE bamboo board range finally comes on the market. The incredible bamboo technology offers lighter boards which are also more resistant for all kind of riding.

The TRAX 4 gets lighter with a new bottom shape mixing a simple concave with steps and a lateral V. 


The ball keeps rolling and third version of the BANDIT comes to light.

The Delta C-Shape concept keeps proving itself and offers a really versatile kite suited for all kinds of riding.

The feedback and bar feeling have been improved for a smoother ride and more accuracy.

F-ONE provides bamboo boards which are more resistant and adapted to all conditions for maximum enjoyment.

Twist and flex control have been optimized for the TRAX 5 with its carbon cross on deck. The board is fast, precise and points high.

In 2011 the F-ONE diversifies as a company

and develops its own range of Stand-Up-Paddle boards and paddles.


F-ONE offers a complete range of 18 different models designed to suit every kind of practice. All of our SUP benefit from our BAMBOO SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY construction.

Whether a beginner or an expert, there is a board for you. F-ONE offers some boards designed for surfing with the MADEIRO and ANAKAO ranges, some boards shaped to be more versatile with the MANAWA without forgetting the inflatable MATIRA models and also offers some RACE boards.

A new size appears in the ANAKAO range with the arrival of the 9’5. This board was specifically developed for the heavier riders to remain comfortable when the waves really build up.

Among the RACE boards, the fresh newcomer is the 11’. With a shape derived from the 12’6, this board has all the performances from a race board while being more versatile and more compact, therefore making it more maneuverable.

Once again, innovation is the core of our work!


Always more! F-ONE expands its collection in 2014 with 30 different boards available. Just pick your own.

The novelty comes in the form of the PRO range within the MADEIRO and RACE models. In their constant quest for more performances, the riders have developed these FULL CARBON boards that can impress the most demanding riders. Everything is made to maximize your enjoyment out on the water.

The 7’5 MADEIRO and 8’2 ANAKAO are brought in for the most radical and committed surfing styles. Not forgetting the ladies, the MADEIRO 7’11 is available as a Girl Edition with a pink livery.

The MANAWA 10’6’’ ASC sees the light as well. Benefiting from the AIR SHIELD COMPOSITE technology, it is built around an extremely lightweight EPS foam core, injected in a mold specific to its shape. This new construction combines with the proven shape of the MANAWA range makes for a stable and versatile board, accessible to everyone!


Our SUP range is still built using the BAMBOO SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY to provide a lightweight structure with great strength and reliability. But F-ONE keeps on innovating on all kinds of boards by refining their shapes and sizes.

The main novelty for 2015 is the SMART HANDLE. Featured on every board of the rigid SUP range, this new handle is clever, really multi-function and entirely developed by F-ONE.

In terms of graphics, a fresh breeze is bringing some change. The bamboo finish with red colored rails is replaced by some new designs and colors with a specific livery for each board range.