Raphael SALLES

Former professional windsurfer and kitesurfing pioneer, Raphaël SALLES has very naturally been drawn towards Stand-Up-Paddle since it first appeared.

Passionate about development and technology, with a constant drive towards better performing gear, Raphaël leads the research and development of the brand for both Stand-Up-Paddling and Kitesurfing.

Supported by a team of experienced watermen including Ludovic DULOU, Rémi QUIQUE and Patrice CHANZY, he designs Stand-Up Paddle boards packed with technology, performances and accessibility. Raphaël and the whole team put all their know-how to offer some boards that constantly push innovation to meet your needs.


Based in the northern part of Brazil since 2005, Rémi QUIQUE can be found on either a SUP, a surf or a kite board on the spots surrounding his home of Tibau Do Sul. Using a smooth style and precision in his moves, he distinguished himself along many competitions and still participates to some of the World Tour events.

This accomplished rider contributes to the development of the wave boards and work in close collaboration with the R&D team, with a particular focus on the MADEIRO model. This board is actually named after the name of the spot where Rémi regularly trains and test the boards: a nice and easy right, perfect for SUP.

His sound comments and feedback enables the team to come-up with really refined boards for all kinds of practice level.

Patrice CHANZY’s whole life revolves around the ocean. Lifeguard, especially on the spot of Teahupoo, surfer, bodysurfer and genuine SUP enthusiast, he is constantly in contact with water.

Patrice is a true waterman who shares his love for nature and the ocean and for whom Polynesian waves bear no more secrets. Seeing him riding Teahupoo, Sapinus or Taapuna with so much pleasure and ease makes these waves appear as an easy playground. Simply put, Patrice is a comprehensive rider who knows how to make the most of the conditions and at ease on any given spot.

He joined the F-ONE gear test team to bring all his experience and knowledge. His feedback is precious for us to always reach new levels and meet the demands of all players. Last but not least Patrice is a real source of evasion when he shares with us his wonderful pictures of the Tahitian islands.