We are proud to present the 2018 F-ONE SUP Collection:

It is packed with outstanding boards for every style!

If you're into SUP Surfing and haven't tried the PAPENOO in 2017, then it must be on your to-do list for 2018. The biggest 2017 novelty has surprised many with its potential! 

SUP TONIC said about the 2017 version: "This board absolutely doesn’t disappoint. It’s fast, fun and basically puts a smile on your face every wave you catch."

You won't be disappointed with the 2018 one!

The MADEIRO range continues its evolution as the performance surfing model.

The larger sizes continues its evolution as the performance surfing model.

It has been upgraded this year for more versatility, better speed and maneuverability.


The TAIBA is a 2018 novelty with some genuine new shapes

designed to make SUP riding in the waves easier and more fun than ever. 


The NOOSA range gets some new larger sizes with more volume and a specific 10' model for longboard competition.


The Anakao spirit goes back to its roots with boards ready for some serious action in serious waves.




The Racing range welcomes the 14' FW model that has already gathered a healthy dose of silverware on the race course this year under the feet of Josh Riccio.


Perfect to enjoy the whole world of SUP in a simple and convenient way,

the MATIRA inflatable boards will offer you all the versatility and performances that you need.


Get ready to be stoked, we've got you covered!