Growing up as a surfer for most of my life I thought I was having the most fun possible in the water but once I started SUPing it opened up the possibility to play in and have fun in all types of water and conditions. From paddling in freshwater lakes, whitewater in rivers, flatwater, downwinding, surfing, exploring, fishing, to chasing turtles, dolphins or whales, SUP to me is the most versatile and conducive for fun in the water”.

Poeinaiki terminé à la 4ème place. Une place méritée pour un rideur talentueux qui annonce une saison 2015 riche en émotions et en rebondissements!




He is very grateful of having the chance to live in Hawaii and the variety of ocean conditions he gets to train and play on has made him the waterman he is today.


Talented and ambitious, Josh enjoys the ocean but is also a real competitor.


Welcome Josh we are delighted to have you on the team !!!